Frazer Smith’s Power News

Frazer and/or Daddy Wags already had Power News in place as a regular show feature when Frazer got his own show on KROQ, so all I had to do is follow the pattern. Well, by that I mean, observe the format of creating wacky “news” items out of thin air that would be unique to Frazer.

Believe it or not, this last qualification turned out to be the most difficult to meet. Each week, I’d go to the newsstand and buy publications such as The Sun, The Enquirer, The Star, etc., to see what they were printing under the guise of news so that I didn’t inadvertently make up something along the same lines.

You’d be surprised how often I had to 86 or alter ideas to avoid overlap.

Note: When I came across the binder containing my notes and originals of the Power News items I had given Frazer, some were dated-stamped, but most were simply lumped together in one big section of the binder. From what I can tell, I didn’t start getting organized until after Frazer had left KROQ, and was working at KLOS. Therefore, I’ve artificially separated the news items into rough categories, instead of presenting them in date order. However, where a date-stamp is available on the original (or the working notes), I’ve put that onto a page just for items with that date.