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Little Frazlings
Don’t let their good looks fool you.
A true story. Genius. Madman. Animal. Killer Shrew. Frazinsky. He was hired by a man — fired by a woman. Driven by fame: Frazinsky.
Little Miss Frazer
A wildly romantic comedy about a pimp, a wimp, and the car they bet their lives on.
Fraze in Plain Sight
Based on a shrew story. In June, 1979, the Department of Justice forced the President of the United States to eat cheese at this man’s feet. If they were your shoes, how do you suppose you’d feel?
You’ll love Frazer. Do what he says.
A Fraze of One (or, A Force of Fraze)
He hates the records. He spoils the spots. He’s the only one who can top the ratings.
All That Fraze
Just Tell Me What Fraze Wants
Frazer Smith’s Daughter
She was born to a rich radio disk jockey, president of her own corporation at nine, a madam with twenty girls at eleven, faith healer at fourteen, and now she’s out to get the only man standing in her way … her own father, Frazer Smith.
They were old enough to know Frazer, and too young to care.
Frazer at Large
The Smith Configuration
Being Fraze


Why me, why here, why now?

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